Training Tips for May

Your Training Tips for May from Brian Nugent and the Schleck Experience

Summer is just around the corner and hopefully you are enjoying the warmer weather and brighter evenings and starting to really feel the benefits of all the work you have been putting into achieving your summer goals. Your weekend rides are now a regular fixture and even the midweek training will be foxed firmly into your routine.

The next steps?
Having stepped up those midweek rides adding that intensity that you’ll need regularly throughout your event, a big focus now is to maintain those rides and keep those good habits. Now that you’ve started to increase duration and intensity over time you will find that your body will start to feel this add up. At this point it’s important to have a week with less volume and intensity every 3 or 4 weeks so that your body can start to absorb all that work and allow you to see your progress and the benefits of all that good work. Training without the rest and recovery and you will not make the most of all your hard work!
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This Month –


6 Tips for this month:
• Focus on maintaining the key sessions that you have built into your training week.
• Now you are training optimally, add in key recovery weeks every 3 or 4 weeks.
• What this means for duration? You can drop the duration of your rides by 25-35% on the recovery week
• What this means for intensity? Maintain the intensity of your hill/power reps but decrease the number of these efforts by 50%.
• Gradually add an extra rep each week to your intensive efforts as you work and build through the month after your recovery week.
• And as always! Continue to maintain your longer weekend rides as this is and will be the core to your event fitness.

That will give you plenty to focus on for this month! Until next month……

Next month will look at how to do a Recon of your event if it accessible to you so that you can familiarise yourself with the event and try out your fuel strategy etc for the event (if it’s not possible to Recon the event we will give you tips on how to do a full distance ride to find out all you need to know before the big day!

For those of you that would like daily advice you can sign up to our individualised training plans (see link.