Managing Your Registration

What you need to know and do to manage your event registration.

How do I manage my registration

As stated as part of the event registration process and in the event terms and conditions there are no refunds or further deferrals are issued for the event. We facilitate the transfer of places between cyclists up to July 1st. We do not operate a waiting list so it is up to the cyclists to arrange for another cyclist to take his / her slot if they are transferring their place. Please do not attempt to cycle under someone else’s name without transferring through Eventmaster.

Cyclists can make a change to their registration through their Eventmaster account. (i.e. change the event distance they are taking part in i.e. moving from 80km to 140km event). All you need to do is logon to your Eventmaster account and make the switch.

Transfers are accommodated until from January 1st to July 1st and will close off after that date. This must be done through your Eventmaster account also. We do not operate a waiting list and all transfers must be arranged between cyclists. After the July 1st deadline transfers will not be facilitated.


To transfer your ticket to another cyclist, this must be done through your Eventmaster account.
Ticket Transfer Steps:
1. Log into Eventmaster using the same email address used when purchasing the ticket :
2. Click > View Order
3. Click > Ticket Transfer
4. Enter in the details of the person you wish to transfer to (exactly as they appear on their Cycling Ireland Membership).
a. First Name, Last Name, Email Address.