The 2023 event will take place on Saturday 22nd July 2023. Registration opens on 1st January 2023.

Event Photography

We will be uploading number of event pictures on the event Facebook page. Every cyclist was provided with a event number and tag to place on the front of their bike.
Following the event, each cyclists will receive a pdf and email with information on how to access their personalised event pictures.

You will need to enter your event number from the bike tag into the system to gain access to your pictures. This number was on the envelope you received, the bike tag and the wristband.
Check your spam folders for the email in case it is blocked. The email you used to register will be the email used to send on the link to the pictures.

Why are there no pictures of me in the event.
Each cyclist was advised to place the tag on the bike without obstructing the QR code. If the QR was obstructed or you placed the bike tag in a location on the bike that could not be seen by the camera, there will be no pictures of you.

Policy Refunds / Cancellations / Deferrals
As stated as part of the original event registration process and included in the event ‘terms and conditions’ there are no refunds or no further deferrals. We facilitate the transfer of places between cyclists up to the 30th June. This option is open to cyclists between January 1st 2022 and June 30th 2022 and will not be extended. Every cyclist who registered has access to their own eventmaster ticket account to transfer tickets. It was each cyclist’s own responsibility to monitor this account.

Please note there are no deferrals to next year’s event or to another ŠKODA Celtic Series event.

2023 Event Jersey
Cyclists were originally provided with the option to purchase a registration that included an event jersey. The size you ordered is the size you received as that was the size we ordered for you. We provided an opportunity to exchange sizes after the event at the event centre. We an no longer accommodate exchanges.

We do not post out jerseys for no shows. If you were not attending the event it was your responsibility to have it collected on your behalf. We provided an option for cyclists not attending to have their jersey collected.